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Yesterday I sawr this pin: 

topsy tail

And I said to myself, 

Self, that’s just a topsy tail with some wrap around curls!

topsy tail

Do you remember the early days of the innovative topsy tail? You actually bought this shit, even though you didn’t need it to achieve said look. Oh yeah, I miss the 90s. When I ate carbs. And chocolate cake. And never felt bad about it.

Right?  So. This morning I remembered the Pinterest topsy tail hair do, and done went for it when I had like 7 minutes to get ready in time for a morning meeting.

  • Make a half pony tail, that is just barely not pulled tight
  • Split that piece in the middle
  • Flip your pony from the top, through the middle and pull tight.
  • BOOM.
  • Khaleesi: 

Top it off with a delicious bowl of thai curry tofu and veggies and that’s a good Thursday.

Happy almost Friday chumps!

x to the ohh

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These two lovelies.

Dinner was this quick and easy salad of arugala, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans! And a repeat of last night’s dessert

I love salad a lot, but I love dessert a lot more. And since today well let’s talk about my hump day:

  • Started with a speeding ticket on the way to the doctor at 7am
  • Got too busy to eat lunch and I ate hummus with my fingers 
  • Still finishing work right now, just taking a blog post break and it’s 10:35pm 
  • Hubs is snoring next to me…
  • Did not update the Daily Schweaty Balls calendar because I did not have time to workout
  • Did drink 1/2 bottle of champagne because I am out of red and well… 


So tomorrow is another chance to fit into those two bikinis for the cruise happening REAL effing quick like. Catch up on, everything. AND it’s one day closer to the weekend. Don’t let the world swallow you… I leave you with this:

x to the ohhh

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Oh it’s only Tuesday… 

(Latrice Royale)

I feel like it should be Friday. But it’s not. Tomorrow it’s Wednesday, ALL day long.

Emma Lilly agrees that this is essentially horse shit. But not to worry Emma we have this…

Annnd let’s be honest here, I am motivated almost entirely by these things:

  • Dessert
  • Wine
  • Looking good in a bikini

Yes these are entirely competing forces, which makes my brain both confused and ahnnry. 

Dinner was this:

Salad - Arugula, yellow pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, balsamic, evoo, sea salt. And the last veggie burger in the pack. All delish, healthy and wonderful.

But my Tuesday needed more. After a lonnnnggg day, waking up real early to squeeze in a long workout, I felt the need to reward distract myself from the fact that it is only Tuesday. (No wine is not a reward in this house, it is free calories that make everyday feel like the weekend.)

So dessert was this:

The perfect dessert. One little cup of organic yogurt + one tbsp of cacoa powder + a few shakes of cinnamon. Just enough sweet, with lots of nutrients and protein to fill this hungry, wanting to look shmoking haute in her bikini beezy right hizzle.

And life is pretty good. Though I could go without the added guilt of the fact that I am going on a cruise this month, so dessert shouldn’t be an option. So I just ask myself girrllll you got room in that bikini for dessert? #sorryimnotsorry 

What’s your favorite dessert that still let’s you dream of that bikini?

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Ready for OTL!

My name is Whitney and I eat baby food. Annnddd I love it a lot. ‘Tis true. This past weekend I fell in love with these beauties. Sesame Street Organic fruit + Yogurt. All organic. All fruit and yogurt. All delicious. 70 calories. Portable. Perfect for OTL.

fruit smoothie

Mmmm mixed berry!

Here’s the thing, I don’t really like eating breakfast. I do when I have time to make something delicious, but otherwise I avoid because I will eat crap that makes me feel like shit. #nopunintended 

Me and ma. Baby food and baseball!

But this ish is delish, just a few calories to start of my day from natural sources. I back it. And for OTL it is so perfect because it’s impossible to get sand in it unless you try to put sand in your gogurt. Sure it’s baby food, but it’s whole foods and it warms my whole heart. Feel free to judge, I bought 2 in each flavor. 

There he isssss. T Hol. The man himself. Kickin’ his mid 50’s and still playing ball. Proudly. In a wonderful, wonderful number. Mom, hubs and I had the pleasure of watching him play on Sunday, and the man stillll got it goin. 

That’s the thing about our game, you age, but it doesn’t. And your love for it only grows stronger. The game knows no age. If you love it, it loves you back. But what’s interesting to me is the psychology behind these old timers playing some ball. Back in the day, they probably were really nervous each at bat, each throw they took. But these days, what do they have to lose? They are simply out there to enjoy the game and the weather, and they are better because of it.

Merr has been following T Hol’s ball games for 30+ years. Bless her for still getting excited for each at bat. Love knows no age either, just love. 

Love the game, it will love you back. Love what you love.

x to the ohhh

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