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New mission: Actually attempt one thing a week I repin on Pinterest, particularly hairstyles. Today’s mission = underwhelming but a step in the right direction.

Said pin:

Said result:


Toot it and boot yourself: (No I did not take pictures of the how to, because the upside down braid was difficult enough.)

Difficulty: We’re gonna give this a 6 star difficulty out of 10. You should know how to braid and braid well.

Time: 4 minutes, longer if you’re a perfectionist.

  1. Section out your hair, separating from the bottom of your ears
  2. Take the top section of your hair and tie it up tight, no loose pieces
  3. Flip your head over and start french braiding from the base of your scalp with VERY small pieces
  4. Braid to the top of you head where a bun would start
  5. Pull all hair together and messy bun that ish
  6. Wrap around strays with bobby pins
  7. Rock it out.

x to the ohh


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