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Hello my name is Whitney and I am an NRGmatrix - a - holic.  Hi Whitney!

Allow me to introduce you all to my new addiction NRGmatrix, an energy drink supplement made from 100% organic mushrooms (say whhhaaa?) and a blend of herbs. Yup, you read right, mushrooms and herbs and I did not get high, NOR did it taste like dirt, it is quite delish and I am obsessed. And when I say obsessed, I mean it has replaced my coffee, GASP, and we all know how much I love me some espresso. And we all know I have tried to kick this coffee habit addiction before.

TRUTH be told, I will always, always, always love my espresso, my time in Italia stained that one on my soul big time. But, I have literally been searching for a healthy energy drink for as long as I have researched health, and have realized that diet soda and sugar free Red Bulls are actually terrible for you. (That is only if you agree that cancer in rats is not a good indication of things that could come from humans consuming artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, splenda, etc. And I am no doctor so this is deductive reasoning here at best.) I have never found one that really was as healthy as it claimed to be, until now.

My morning NRGmatrix sitting shotgun to my morning Protein Shake. 

Down to the goods, this is what I loves about NRGmatrix:

  1. It is healthy, truly healthy, organic, free of sugars, chemical fluff!
  2. I instantly feel a very focused energy that gets me through my day, and allows for extra energy for an evening workout.
  3. It has over 400% of my daily vitamin D recommended intake, which SPOILER ALERT, women NEED THIS.
  4. It has an exceptional blend of vitamins and, herbs and MUSHROOMS that support my immune system. HOLLER.
  5. LAST but not least, at 3pm it makes me think I am enjoying a treat like a Vitamin Water without the sugar, and without the calories. And that’s awesome.

So bottom line. I am in love, and things are getting hot and heavy between us. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself. If you want a sample, you should probably follow them on Twitter and Facebook, word is they are doing some giveaways.

Please note: Jackalope however is not happy with my latest obsession, as it means more time for me working out after work and less time roughing it on the couch cuddling with him. But we are about to go for a run together, so he’ll survive.

x to the ohhhh