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Yesterday I sawr this pin: 

topsy tail

And I said to myself, 

Self, that’s just a topsy tail with some wrap around curls!

topsy tail

Do you remember the early days of the innovative topsy tail? You actually bought this shit, even though you didn’t need it to achieve said look. Oh yeah, I miss the 90s. When I ate carbs. And chocolate cake. And never felt bad about it.

Right?  So. This morning I remembered the Pinterest topsy tail hair do, and done went for it when I had like 7 minutes to get ready in time for a morning meeting.

  • Make a half pony tail, that is just barely not pulled tight
  • Split that piece in the middle
  • Flip your pony from the top, through the middle and pull tight.
  • BOOM.
  • Khaleesi: 

Top it off with a delicious bowl of thai curry tofu and veggies and that’s a good Thursday.

Happy almost Friday chumps!

x to the ohh


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