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Teen Vogue Interactive Blogger Lounge at WWD Magic

This past week I have had the pleasure of working with Teen Vogue at WWD Magic with some of the most rockin’ fashion bloggers and stylist in the industry. The days were long, blisters were formed, and we brought a little flare to Vegas. It was such a treasure meeting these lady lovelies, and a few gentlemen gems.

Will miss you all, xo Whit

DIY with Erica from PS I made this…

How adorbs are her Sharpies? Make’s a girls’ heart warm.

Erica herself. Such. A. Doll.

Elim from the Style Seen.

P.S. Buy her book, it’s to DIY for!!

Looking down on Elim and her new chunky creation.

Bebe Zeva from fhtbh.blogspot.com, and her PS I made this creation, layered with Chanel of course…

L’Oreal Beauty Lounge makeovers on a whim, life savers for long conference days, and long Vegas nights.

Nacole from Rich Skinny Pretty, and Crosby from PR Couture standing in beauty.

Nacole is as lovely as the lounge that surrounds her.

Ready for their makeovers.

Bebe getting dolled up.

Sittin’ pretty.

No pouting here.


Isn’t she lovely?

Style I saw, style I loved.

Valerie of Charmed Valerie.  Effortless.

Gillian of Teen Vogue

Forgot her name, but loved her socks!  She clearly shines.

Erica’s PS I made this: Rings on a String.

Jazzi McG loved her looks everyday!

Didn’t catch her name, lovin’ the chunky headbands/turbans trend.

Pretty Pilgrim.

Love love love the boots and shirt dress.  Naughty nice.


Step inside our lounge.

Teen Vogue’s for everyone!  PS Who is that on the screen?

Jane Aldrige’s pup Kim! 
Style off with Colby Jordan of Minnie Muse (such a DOLL) and stylist extraordinaire Jennifer Margolin!

Meeting with Daniel Saynt, CMO of Rebecca Minkoff, Director of Bloglovin’ Awards

Sony technology and bloggies!  Hi Elim!

Kimmy of http://www.fabulush.net, one of the nicest/stylish people you could meet.

My girl Kristen of http://kris10turner.wordpress.com/, so much talent and wonderful heart.

Coffee, eggs, and sprinting with blisters with Danielle of Elle Communications. xo

One last thing I hope all my lady lovelies remember from my favorite writer and thinker:

All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. - Albert Camus

All photos by Whitney Benjamin - 2011


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