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Delish post workout smoothie. 1 packet of Tera’s Whey Organic Dark Choc powder, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp flax seed, 1 tsp almond butter, 4 ice cubes. #fitfluential #proteinshake (Taken with Instagram)

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Happy Friday Yizzle!!  It has been a fabulous week.  Lots of hard work, lots of terrific schweaty balls seshions and a wonderful date night con hubs.  And a new look inspired by Slyvie Vartan:

I know dreamy and you DIE.  I know.

Went for it!!!

Eeeee!  Haven’t had bangs in a while, but I back it for now. 

P.S. some eats:

Breakfast = Almond Buttah & Rice Cake

Dinner Yums = Fig Salad + Mixed Greens + Goat Cheese Feta inspired by Fitnessista + Figs + Braggberry Dressing + Walnuts + Cashews

Have a great weekend lovelies!  X to the Ohhhh!

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Totally blacked out on my detox during day 3. No pun intended since everyone in Southern California, parts of Mexico, and West Arizona were out of power.

What I learned from the black out:

  • If there were a real emergency, hubs and I were not prepared in the least, but we are scrappy. We managed to (and by we obvs I mean he) cook ribs on our charcoal grill, jerry rig our computers to watch the first NFL game of the season, and cook delish corn on the cob with our gas stoves.
  • When the world is going to end, I am not detoxing I am spending my last $16 in cash on wine for myself and friends, and I am eating corn with BBQ sauce, but somehow resisting chocolate in case the world doesn’t end and I still need to look good for that wedding on Saturday (yes this is actually how my brain works)
  • If there is an emergency, I am not waking up early the next morning to workout. #fail
  • I love my neighbors and taking walks at night.
  • I wish there was a mandatory power outage every month!

So really, yesterday morning and afternoon, Detox was going off the chain! I was eating kale salad, sipping my tea, enjoying my day and boom blackout, and boom detox out. Whatevs, we gotta live. Back on track today, so that is just fine. And by back on track I mean I did not workout this AM but am eating so good. Woo woo.

Hubs enjoying ribs and foosball during the blackout!
x to the ohhhh

P.S. Here’s my day after blackout outfit. Sorry bout not being able to see the blackout bags under my eyes. (Blackout fairy not happy with my appearance, just FYI)
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Sooo let’s talk about how much my alarms sucks at life. Guess who woke up at 7am instead of 5:30am to make the 6am spin class? This girl right here. So I got a brisk 20 minute sprinted run in the rain, that was hot as deuce. Not used to this awkward I cannot pull up my jeans because I am sweating weather. Makes girl feel bad too…

Nonetheless, survived my first day of my detox, and am headed home for a quick 3 mile run with the hubs, to make up for my morning. What I’ve learned in day 1, Yogi Fasting Tea with Hibiscus Tea is your best friend in the whole goddam world. I think I blazed through 5 cups today. Holler for having to run to the restroom too much. P.S. Notice what my yogi tea told me today? Makes me want to yell in the mirror, I am great and everybody f”ing likes me! kiddings.

x to the ohhhh

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