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Officially in love with @DanielleLaPorte. 

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Tomorrow we run 8 miles. Today I did not do my Insanity workout. Today I did eat fro-yo and shower in chips and cheese sauce. Today was a good day.

Balance looks different from the outside looking in. Balance is not a goal as it is only within the moment that it actually exists. Otherwise, it’s just another dream to be chased. Live with love for yourself, for those that love you, and treat them both well.

And smile biyatch, one day you won’t have the time or the effing joints to even be able to run 8 miles.  Blessed.

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"wow, that was a productive week. *faceplant*" - my good friend, PR and fashionista extraordinaire, Danielle

It’s like she crept right into my mind at 5:30ish this evening, as this quote sums up my week. Let’s recap:
  • I started a new job
  • Rebuilt our closets at the new house (lies that was hubs and my dad, but strategizing on how it went down and making sure they were fed is tough business)
  • Ran everyday, twice a day (not because I am crazy but because Jackalope the man needed some attention per his summer solstice)
  • Ran one time with my bestie (WEEK HIGHLIGHT)
  • Currently someone is rolling down our street blasting Whitney Houston and ooohhh I wanna dance with somebody (If you’ve ever seen me karaoke this, you know that Ms. Houston should actually pay me royalties…)
  • Ate a lot of peanut butter…
Girrllll’s a buttah face!

Literally it has been my snack everyday in between lunch and dinner. (I have a jar at my desk, and take a spoonful when no one is watching) Word.  Oh and I have almond butter with my morning protein shake everyday… So if someone would like to calculate the amount of nut butter my body is currently fueled with, I might draw a picture of myself eating nut butter or something real fancy like that….

No but I am not kidding.  It’s out of control.

The thing is, it’s delicious, I feel as though it’s nutritious AND it helps me survive the time between lunch and chowing down dinner time.  (It also helps my brain remember what it’s supposed to be doing, no ritalin for this lady).

Not gonna lie, life is grape right now!

Long story long, this week I remained pretty healthy in my eating and worked out a good amount.  I love my job, I am still somehow in balance (this week) amongst the ish going on in my life.  I am also currently obsessed with frozen grapes.  Life is good.  Grape actually!

Bird snacks!  Nom Nom Nom (Warning not for the faint… I.E. those who enjoy fat and taste)

What was missing this week?
  • Blog.
My lovely little blog got tooted and booted.  Because I simply did not have the time.  However, I will not make this mistake again my darling, so I hope you consider giving me another shot.  Oh and about the bird food pictured above, it’s actually a delicious raw food bar that I picked up at Whole Foods that makes my heart warm.  Hubs thinks it is bird food.

 This is the universal sign for BLONDE BEEEEZIES UNITE!  (More on that another blog) Photo by the talented Paige Lowe

Speaking hubs, one of my besties (hot blonde in the middle with the black dress) Jen Jen, or as my speech impediment ways refer to her as Gin Gin, is getting MARRIED and just had her engagement party last week.  Made me think of a few things:
  • I really miss the 3 girls in this photo whom I got to spend too much time with and make a handful of really well thought out decisions with in college
  • My own 2 year anniversary with the hubs is on Monday
  • I am very blessed with the people in my life and need to make more time for them (just like my blog needs more time)
  • I need to go have some wine right now because I am pretty sure this post officially is not following a theme of any kind
OTL practice tomorrow, and trying to stay in balance again in the next week! HAPPY FRIDAY! Bottoms up (bottoms up, up) … We both know you’re dancing right now…. xo
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