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Officially in love with @DanielleLaPorte. 

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These two lovelies.

Dinner was this quick and easy salad of arugala, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans! And a repeat of last night’s dessert

I love salad a lot, but I love dessert a lot more. And since today well let’s talk about my hump day:

  • Started with a speeding ticket on the way to the doctor at 7am
  • Got too busy to eat lunch and I ate hummus with my fingers 
  • Still finishing work right now, just taking a blog post break and it’s 10:35pm 
  • Hubs is snoring next to me…
  • Did not update the Daily Schweaty Balls calendar because I did not have time to workout
  • Did drink 1/2 bottle of champagne because I am out of red and well… 


So tomorrow is another chance to fit into those two bikinis for the cruise happening REAL effing quick like. Catch up on, everything. AND it’s one day closer to the weekend. Don’t let the world swallow you… I leave you with this:

x to the ohhh

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