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Delish post workout smoothie. 1 packet of Tera’s Whey Organic Dark Choc powder, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp flax seed, 1 tsp almond butter, 4 ice cubes. #fitfluential #proteinshake (Taken with Instagram)

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Pretend like it’s the weekend now And we could pretend it all the time Can’t you see that it’s just raining? Ain’t no need to go outside

OK probably not as a delectable of a morning that Jack Johnson may have had making banana pancakes, but still, settled into my protein pancake recipe, and I have to admit it is bomb to the dotcom.

As evidenced by the empty plate. Gone in like 30 seconds flat-ish.

La Recita

  • 2 Flax Eggs - 2T flax meal dissolved in 6 T almond milk
  • Scoop of protein (Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Vanilla nomnomnom)
  • Mix it all up, and spread into a round baking pan
  • Add 1/4 blueberries on top
  • Bake 350 degrees for 20 minutes
  • Put it in tupperware and breakfast is ready for the AM sleepy beezy!
  • **Bonus, delish with a teaspoon of almond butter on top

Scweaty Balls AM

5 minutes crazy elliptical
30 minute run speed workout
10 minutes starting at 5.5, going up by .1 each minute
10 minutes starting back down at 6.0, going up by .1 each minute
10 minutes starting back down at 6.5, going up by .1 each minute
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